Out With Sessions, In With Pot Possession


Government officials are asking for Sessions to resign after new details emerged of close door meetings with the Russian ambassador.  This comes only weeks after his January 2017 confirmation, where he blatantly denied having any contact with Russian officials.

However troubling this is (the ethics of the U.S. Attorney General), it comes as great news for the Marijuana community.  Sessions, the good ol’ American conservative he is, has been very outspoken against weed since coming into office.  A concerning issue that has raised brows amongst many Cannabis proprietors and advocates.

Sessions came to power in the 70s when drug addiction and crime ran rampant across America.  It’s obvious his crotchety old bones are shaking over the way America is progressing, and his priority is to return as soon as possible to the harsh government restrictions of the ‘Crack laws’ era.  A terrifying scenario to think about.

Hopefully Sessions’s time won’t last, or at the very least, he’ll be too distracted to do anything about our pot.  Our country certainly doesn’t need another close minded politician attempting to halt our progress.  Remember, an attack on Marijuana is an attack on our rights.  Stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully an answer on how to get Sessions out.


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