Are Seeds In Weed Bad?

weed-budAs Snoop Dog famously said in the old-school Dr. Dre banger Still D.R.E., “No seeds, no stems, no sticks.  Some of that real sticky icky icky.”  In doing so, he created the mantra for all burgeoning stoners across the world.  No stems.  No seeds.  Just sticky icky flower.

Why is that?  Why don’t we want sticks and seeds in our weed bag?

It’s easy – seeds and stems don’t retain high levels of THC.  The ultimate goal of the female marijuana plant is to flower (produce buds).  After a certain stage of growing (in the plant’s life cycle), the plants place all of their energy into producing big, succulent, sticky buds that become laden with THC.  This is because when they enter into their final cycle of production, the rest of the plant’s leaves and stems are used to fuel the flowers growth.  This drains the leaves and stalks of Marijuana’s essence, and places it completely within the flowers.

During the early stages of flower development, female plants become at risk of pollination by male plants.  If they become pollinated, the female plants cease flower production as the numero uno priority, while simultaneously placing emphasis on seed production.  This means the plant no longer ‘cares’ for producing delicious, potent, juicy flowers; because it now only cares about making children (seeds).  This pretty much stops the production of THC within the plants flower, making it significantly less potent and enjoyable.    

Bringing us to the ultimate reason why we don’t want seeds and stems in our pot.

It makes the weed weak.  Weak weed = weak high.  Weak high = weak medicine.  Weak medicine = more pot required.  So please, do us a favor and keep the seeds in the soil.


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