Don’t Eat Your Weed

guyandpotAn unfortunate side effect of Marijuana being illegal is that it authorizes the government to throw you in jail.  With that being said, most of us have had (at one time or another) close calls with the law where we might’ve been tempted to eat our stash. 

The scene from Super Troopers crosses the mind, and we immediately think about how stoned we’d get if we ate that much pot. 

Or, would we?

The answer is definitely not.  A person could spend all day shoving beautiful, crystallized nugs down their throat, but it wouldn’t be very effective.  This is because the plant does nuglet .jpgnot retain naturally high levels of THC.  Instead, it contains the compound THC-A (the A stands for acid).  The -A works as an inhibitor on the psychological effects of THC, preventing the compound from getting you stoned until the -A is broken.

Unfortunately, our bodies do not posses the aptitude for digesting and breaking down THC-A.   Making external heat application the easiest method to breakaway the -A and activate the compound -as occurs when smoked.  This is why cooking/baking weed into edibles is efficient.  Because it activates the previously inactive THC and enables our bodies to digest it.

So while movies are great entertainment, their drug interpretations are usually wildly inaccurate, providing terrible inspiration for real life use.  Especially comedies.  With that said, activate your marijuana and get baked and happy. 


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