High Thoughts on Trump

Smoke Session 1

Sometimes when we partake in a little bit of marijuana, ganja, hash, or whatever you wanna call it – our brain gets stimulated.  When this happens, we tend to think creatively about issues weighing on our mind.  Take it as you like, or leave it all in the trash, but these are my thoughts. 

We all know the fantastic things that President Trump has said about women.  In his speeches he tells the world that he loves them, that he treats them with the utmost respect, and that no one is as big a supporter of their rights as he.  Apparently, the verisimilitude of these remarks have convinced many to support him.

Unfortunately, the instant ability to express one’s emotion through Twitter has shown us a different side, as can be seen in his disparaging comments towards Ariana Huffington (to name just one).  It’s too bad that the enormity of his remarks culminates in leaked footage of him explicitly stating, “Grab them by the pussy.”  A statement that was said in the context of his ability to have his way with any women he chooses, as it hints at a more sinister character. 

To make any sort of douchey comment is to display childish and immature behavior.  To say it at the caliber that Donald Trump has sat in most of his life, is irrefutably despicable.  It paints a portent picture of the character beneath the suit, tie, and Mar-a-Lago fiefdom.  One that dreams of control over others and of anything within desire.   

A lot of people I’ve spoken with have agreed that, “Trump is brainwashing the American people,”  (or something like that).  And its funny, because when you look at his comments objectively, and emotionally removed, there is either a certain ambiguity readily apparent behind all of his remarks.  Or, it’s one of two point blank statements – an accusation, or a guarantee.

Recently, Trump has accused the Obama administration of wire tapping his phones, saying, “How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process,” (misspellings included).  But unlike the supported claims made agains the Trump administration, this one again, holds no factual evidence. 

To me, this is hilarious.  It’s as if Trump believes that Americans will trust anything he says regarding his accusations of scandal, (because he obviously thinks everyone relies on House of Cards for political facts).  Of course, there’s no way that the hit Netflix show factually depicts the daily dealings of our government.  However, it’s still undeniable that shady political affairs occur that the majority of Americans never learn of.  With that said, it seems highly unlikely that President Trump would be the most victimized candidate to ever chance a go at the White House.  Especially when considering Barack Obama, and how he was the first African-American to run for the oval office. 

For Trump to make another unfounded claim right after evidence has surfaced against his administration (Sessions), is for him to point the finger back like a child in defense.  Except that the only thing behind his finger, are a bunch of tears and a whiney ass voice. 


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