Weed and Women’s Day

Women make the world go around.  Without them, I doubt there’d be love, and we certainly wouldn’t exist.  Unfortunately, throughout history they’ve rarely had the same privileges as men.  Even though they’ve had countless leaders such as, early civil rights pioneer Ida Wells, or artist Frida Kahlo’s unflinching self-portraits.  That’s why it’s so important to recognize them as the beautiful and wonderful souls they are, and to stop dispossessing them of their natural equality.

Thankfully, women and marijuana go hand in hand, perfectly complimenting the other while showcasing the benefits of each. 

Last summer, Whoopi Goldberg, the famous actress, and cultural icon teamed up with cannabis entrepreneur Maya Elisabeth.  Their goal is to produce medical-marijuana products focused on helping menstrual cramps and period pains.  These will include cannabis-infused bath products such as rubs and soaks.  As well as salves and tinctures that are focused on providing a natural, safe alternative to the processed chemicals of pharmaceutical companies. 

In an article for The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Whoopi says, “This was all inspired by my own experience from a lifetime of difficult periods and the fact that cannabis was literally the only thing that gave me relief.”  In other words, she recognizes the beneficial attributes of pot, and wants to alter the misconception surrounding it.

Regrettably, there is a lack of historical evidence proving these assertions correct.  However, the weed advocacy of recent years has produced numerous studies and journals confirming the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of using pot.  Recently, one such study on the effects of ganja and menstrual cramps was released by the peer-reviewed science journal Contraception.

In it, 192 questionnaires were received from women regarding pain and symptoms associated with the period cycle.  Of those 192 questionnaires, 88.5% (170) of them had corroborated using marijuana during this time, and of these, about 90% confirmed positive results saying it had helped.  Meaning, there’s no guarantee it will help, but there is an overwhelming majority of people propagating its proactive benefits and contesting traditionally westernized medicine. 

Take it as you like, but don’t deny that people find relief through marijuana.  Additionally, the fact that it is natural, has no long term cognitive effects, and is impossible to die from, makes it sound like a miracle cure the mystical fountain of youth was inspired by.  And indeed, many old-timers do retain a certain amount of youth after a lifetime of partaking.  So next time your girl friend is going through a little bit of pain, be a pal and pass her some Mary Jane. 


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