Terrific Tune Tuesday – ‘Finally Moving’

Sometimes, it’s not about the content of the lyrics in a song that make it great for smoking pot.  Instead, the perfect song is about the ambience and the mood it sets for the listener.  The realm it takes them to, the disposition it sets.  Although there are thousands of classics that succeed at doing this, Pretty lights’s Finally Moving really sets the tone right.

The melodic echo of the vocals, “I got a feeling,” softly shuffles in at the beginning, stirring the listener into a passionate realm that instantly ensnares.  Soon after, the synth rolls in right before introducing the violin that revives the synths gentle roll into a riding wave.  The piano softly taps in, smoothing the songs current in the same way a haze of dabs will reduce a long stressful day into nothing.  But, it would be boring if the song stayed running so level-ly, and the perfectly laid discordant scratching adds just enough chaos to disrupt, while still maintaining elegance.

The track continues to massage its message of tranquility into listener, reminding them that first, special, blissful moment they experienced.  The repeating, “never never never had before,” induces the memory of that feeling had for the first time.  In doing so, it sucks you away from the turbulence of one’s everyday anxieties. 

By the time the song fades away, the listener has gently left behind a harsher mindset, in the same way that marijuana alleviates an ailment.  When enjoyed together, they create a perfect harmony for relaxation, enjoyment, and ultimately, happiness.  But, rather than creating the happiness anew, they help one remember.  They don’t numb, they don’t harm, they only heal.  And, they get you Finally Moving.


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