4/20 The Weed Day: Happy Holiday

It’s the holiday folks, that time of the year where a thick haze of marijuana sits heavy in rooms all over the world. A day when everyone says (regardless of their daily usage), lets “burn one down, and get stoned,” because its the day of cannabis. The day the world wakes up and immediately begins smoking pot. Or rather, that’s what would happen in a fictionalized dream land where war doesn’t exist and the goal of society, is not the seeking of money, but the focus of enlightenment. Sadly, that world doesn’t exist. 

Instead, there are millions of people who live to take advantage of others for their own selfish desires. They don’t care about favors, or displacing themselves for another.  They care only about what they can get. And if it’s not about being cynical, then its about enforcing ones belief down another’s throat. As if one person has the right to demand how another thinks and feels.

Unfortunately, this day is synonymous with one of the most famous monsters in history. A man who decimated a population and started a world war based on hate —We will not dignify him with a name.

But on the other-side, the obscure side. There exists a holiday, a celebration of peace takers and enlightened individuals across the globe. Within the counter-culture, exists 4/20.  The day of doobies and blunts, bongs and bowls, rigs and dabs. Its a peaceful day, where peeps hang out in a relaxed environment, listening to good music, and laugh at stupid things while filling a never-ending stomach.

But its not just that, its also known as bicycle day. The day when Albert Hofmann purposefully ingested LSD for the first time. And in doing so, he discovered a doorway unto another reality that was previously only ritualized by tribes. At the time, he produced the strongest concentrated hallucinogenic known to man. In doing so, he freed millions of minds everywhere. 

It’s curious to me that a day which holds so much evil within mainstream society exists in a happy realm within the counter-culture.  You ask, “what do I mean by the counter-culture?” I reference the side of society that exists with an open mind and a free heart. A side that questions the propagated beliefs that seem to stand standardized. A side that listens to music elevated from the radio, who ignores the ignorance of reality television, and pursues a deeper life connection than a white picket fence in suburbia. 

It’s curious because it seems the world wants to ignore the reality of life. A reality in which people exist to spread love, not evil. A place where people displace their own convenience in order to help, not just a friend, but any living being. Not because they’ll be rewarded or recognized for what they’ve done. But because it’s the right thing. This is the real spirit of 4/20, not to just get high. But to pay tribute to the lifestyle that demands an elevated way of life. So please, as you toke it up today, think of the ways you can make a difference. 


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